Mini Lease

We are pleased to offer you the convenience and flexibility that this amazing program offers.  Our monthly rental program has all the benefits of a lease, without any large down payment, or being locked in to one vehicle for years.

Requirements for the program:

1. You need to provide us with a major credit card for billing (no debit or bank cards) and
2. You need to have the vehicle for a minimum of two months.
3.  You need to verify your own coverage, or purchase coverage for damage to the vehicle and liability coverage.

Milage Allowance:

Land Rover Evoque  – 1,500 miles per month

All other vehicles include 3000 miles/month.
** Additional miles/month are available up front at an extra $100 per month for every 500 additional miles per month.
** Mileage overage is billed at $.30/mile upon return.

I’ve attached our Disclaimer Waiver Terms form.  We want every customer to be aware of items that may come up if an accident does take place.  This program is very unique, and may conflict with your current coverage.  Please see the enclosed Disclaimer; it has been specifically tailored for this program.   The Disclaimer must be reviewed and completed for your protection and your file.

Additional Coverage Questions:  Our Damage Claims Manager & Customer Advocate, Katherine English, can be reached at 717-226-1842.

Any additional Vehicle or Rental Questions:  Please review our FAQ page. If you need additional information please contact us by email for the fastest response or use the contact form.

Mini Lease Info Request

Customers interested in enrolling in the program please fill out this form.
  • Please select the vehicle you are interested in leasing.
  • Please provide the name of the member that referred you to the program if applicable.
  • Please use this space to ask any questions you may have about the program or vehicles.

We thank you for your time & interest in our program.  Looking forward to serving you!